About the MARPA Annual Conference

Since 2001, MARPA has hosted annual conferences that bring together experts and leaders within the PMA industry and regulatory realm to tackle key issues facing the modification and replacement parts arena. The 2015 MARPA Conference will be held from October 28-29, 2015 at the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel

MARPA is pleased to announce that this year's Keynote Speaker will be David Garrison, Vice President- Engineering, Quality and Planning, Delta TechOps.
David Garrison is Vice President – Engineering, Quality and Planning responsible for Delta’s engineering and technical services, reliability and maintenance programs, inspection, quality assurance and maintenance planning.
David is a 23 year veteran of Delta TechOps, joining the division in 1991 as a Propulsion Engineer. Since then, he has held various positions throughout TechOps with increasing responsibility. David’s diverse leadership experiences include leading Engine and Component Maintenance, Engineering and most recently the Materials, Planning and Logistics organizations.
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2015 Conference Sponsors

The 2015 conference will provide another excellent opportunity for senior executives, design and engineering staff, quality assurance staff, and compliance staff with PMA manufacturing companies to keep abreast of major trends in the industry. Additionally, air carriers, MROs, leasing companies, and corporate/private operators who purchase spare parts or review or approve PMA alternatives will appreciate the information about the changing legal standards as well as the opportunity to interact with this fast-growing segment of civil aviation.

Please remember to thank our 2015 sponsors, whose generous support helps to keep the MARPA Conference significantly less expensive to attend than many other aviation industry events. You will see our sponsors' names here on the website, and throughout the Conference. Sponsorship opportunities for 2015 still exist.

If you have ideas about speakers or topics for the 2015 Conference or future events, please feel free to contact the Association. We always welcome your input.

Membership and other discounts for the 2015 Conference will expire September 15, 2015 (some discounts expire earlier - see the discount offer for details). Please do not send 2015 registrations to the office after October 23, 2015, as there will be no one to accept and process them. After that date, all other registrations will be taken at the door at the undiscounted per person price.

Past Conference Topics Have Included:

  • FAA Regulations and Policies
  • "PMA 101"
  • Navigating the FAA's Project Prioritizations System
  • New FAA Supplier Control Requirements
  • New FAA AMOC Standards
  • Penetrating the Leased Aircraft Market
  • The Effect of Recent Economic Conditions on the Long-Term Outlook for PMAs
  • Ask the Air Carriers!
  • International Business
  • Getting More From Your Exports
  • Aftermarket Part Developments in Europe
  • Strategies for Avoiding (or Mitigating) Product Liability Claims
  • LEAN Manufacturing for PMA Businesses
  • Strategies for Developing PMAs without Intellectual Property Problems
  • Strategies for Assuring Your Insurance Does What You Want it to Do
  • Safety Management Systems
  • NextGen and Your Company
  • Improving Your Continued Operational Safety (COS) Program
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